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About Me

Hi there!!! I am Franco Carlesimo. 

I was born in 1984 in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

And I am a fan of fantasy, science fiction and horror since I can remember. 

I been involved in arts since I was little, always drawing all over the place. Until I came across a little tv show call "Movie Magic" where I saw how the sfx for movies where made, that blew my mind and I decided that is what I was going to do, but since Hollywood was really really  far away and I was just a little child it was going to be complicated... But then, this movie that you might know call "Jurassic Park" came out and I learned that the dinosaurs where made physically and in CG, and I saw a chance there, so I got in to 3d softwares and I spend many years practicing and learning the craft until I got my first job in advertising. Since then I never look back and I been working in the CG world for over 15 years.

Now days I work mostly for the collectables industries working for brands like Legendary Beast Studios, Iron Kite, Semic. Figurama, Kinetiquettes, PCS.

Also one of my original creations got pick up to be a character in the awesome show call CREEPSHOW.

So that boosts me up to launch this website. 

I always wanted to bring these imaginary creatures to the physical world, and now with 3D printing I can and so do you.

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